My adventures in Darkroom Wonderland

Yesterday i tried to develop my first roll of film. I probably tried to be too adventurous for first time, as i had shot some no-name Truprint color negative film and tried to develop in B/W chemistry. It should have been ok, like this . But turns out my developer wasn’t just old it was completely dead 🙂 In result i got blank film with few spots were layers of film touched each other (i also wound it up improperly on reel). Also I didn’t use thermometer, as I got fed up to wait for stupid thing to arrive from China. Today i did clip test, ok it was paper test for me. I put one small part of B/W photo paper (Ilford Multigrade IV) in one developer and other part freshly mixed Agfa Atomal, which also looked a little bit brown. While paper in Atomal turned instantly black, the other paper  showed absolutely no effect it just started to expose to light.  Developer which i later threw out was Labor Partner LS-Cube XS ( now known as Rollei RLS), it was half full bottle, and probably opened 7 years back, it was at least 3 years in my basement after i got my chemicals from disbanded photo  group/school. So next i`ll try my “new” Atomal for which i have several packs, also Atomal FF, if that doesn`t work i still have Ilford Perceptol, thank god it looks like it`s quite new 🙂  So tomorrow i`ll buy proper B/W film shoot it and hopefully  will get some results after developing 🙂 Plus i should have taken some trailer leaders from my job to practice wounding up film on reel, as one “dummy” roll probably wasn’t enough.


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