This week!

Firstly sorry for not posting more often, had a bunch of work to do and etc. This week hasn`t been very succesful on photography front, but can`t be lucky always.  In Monday as i was rushing to school to meet dean about my bachelor`s work, there some beautiful light in dawn though fading fog. But i was already late so i couldn’t stop the car and take pictures,  also i had loaded Agfa APX B/W film in my camera instead Velvia, so pictures wouldn’t be so great either way.  Next day i got up early to go there and take pictures, weather report said it will be foggy, so I though that I will again see that fading fog, instead it was super foggy and i barely could see where i went, it was overcast that day and fog lasted almost whole day 😦 Then next day or next next day 🙂 As it was 3 in morning (3AM) when i developed APX film, this time i used fresh Atomal as developer so i got good pictures out of it, apart that i still couldn’t load film properly on reel and touched it in several parts. Result is that about 8 frames have black/violet spots on them and are ruined and some part of film perforation (sprockets) have been damaged because of not being completely staight in reel. OK i know my mistake and next time i`ll be more careful.  Cheers


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