Film Camera of Week 1 – Reflekta




Reflekta was East German TLR made from 1949 till mid 50`s. It shot as most TLR`s in 6×6 format, using 120 film. This camera has integrated 75/3.5 lens so it is not changeable. Shutters were made by four different manufacturers so top speed varied from 1/200 to 1/300.  Slowest speed was 1 second with additional bulb mode.


Reflekta from


Reflekta from




Only manual of this camera is available at for little over 1$. There is one right now on Ebay with no bids, 4 days to go and starting price is 10.60$

There are also  bunch of these cameras in German eBay. Keep in mind that if you are out shopping for Europen made cameras, they will be in bigger numbers in German and UK Ebay than in

More info:  – This is great site about TLR`s, huge amount of info there if you are interested in TLR`s


Verdict: Just a simple east German TLR. Don`t pay too much for it and be vary of mechanical problems (Shutter, film rollers etc.)


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