Camera of week 2 – Pilot Reflex

Just pushed “Random Page” on and got this one today – Pilot Reflex. It is again German made TLR. Looks like random page wants me to tell that i must buy German TLR.

Ok about camera. It was made from 1931 to 1937 in Germany. It is 127 film TLR and takes 3×4 cm frames. What makes this camera unusual is that it is foldable TLR, never heard of it, huh? Me too 🙂 There were made bunch of foldable TLR`s in pre-war Germany. It had 4 possible lenses f/3.5 Elmar, an f/2.0 Biotar, an f/2.9 Xenar or an f/2.8 Tessar, but lenses were not changeable

I couldn`t find any on sale in or Only place were i could find price was here, this site collects prices of old camera sold in auction houses. While prices of common 35mm SLR`s may be too exaggerated here, some more rare cameras have good price assumption and is good place to see what camera is worth.  Price of this camera is very dependent on condition while good ones are selling near 1000$, bad ones are just over 100$.

Pilot Reflex Image taken from CollectiBlend

As this camera is quite rare and not availabe if i have time i will have second camera of week 2. I will use suggestion from @SteveMphotog and use one of camera from his flickr photostream.


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