Super Baldina – Camera of week 3

I am again so late with this post as it was meant for last week, and now i  will have 3 days to post camera of week 4, as it is already 4th week 🙂

Ok camera of week 3 is – Super Baldina with ridged body not the foldable one.  It was made starting from 1954 in Western Germany by Western Balda company when it replaced foldable model. Camera itself is 35mm with coupled rangefinder, so it`s quite light and probably fun to use.  They were availabe with bunch of different lenses (Info from

Camera is quite cheap on eBay. Here is one with 50mm 2.8 Baldnar lens  –  2 days left and 25$ . And other at 5$ with 3.5 Baldner lens.

As these are most popular models their price is also lowest. If you could fine one with Schneider  Xenon or Rodenstock Heligon f/2, be prepared to spend over several hundread dollars for one in usable condition.

Image from SteveMPhoto flick page as he suggest to use his cameras for inspiration.  You should take a look at his pretty pictures. Or follow him on Twitter –!/SteveMphotog


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