Camera of Week 7 – Pax 35

This camera of week is from Japan. Manufactured by Yamato from 1952-1955.  Pax 35 is small fixed lens, 35mm rangefinder camera, looks very similar to earlier Leica models like II and III.  Focal length of fixed lens 45mm and max. aperture 1:3.5, minimum focusing distance was 3 feet. Shutter speeds ranged from 1/10 s to 1/300 s. Camera has PC terminal for flash sync. AS with all RF cameras it is very light weight, weighting only 450g with lens, that about weight of low-end DSLR body.

Price: Right now this camera is overpriced on eBay with cheapest one going for 160$ including case. But it is with “Buy it now”. Newer Pax models like M3/M4 are cheaper.

Pax 35 RF from

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3 thoughts on “Camera of Week 7 – Pax 35

  1. I have a pax 35mm camera that I purchased in Japan in 1955. It has not been used since 1956 and I would like to sell it. If you are interested you can call me at 978 929 2599 or email me at johnrward@comcast for more information

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