Camera of week 9 – Rollei A110

This week “Random page” choosed Rollei A110 camera. So i have no choice but to write about it.

A110 is a small 110 film type camera, it is a 16mm film, put in cartridge for easier loading.  Camera was manufactured in Braunscweig from 1975-1978 and later production was move to Singapore to cut down costs(1978-1981). Although  there were about 124K cameras made in Germany while only 72K in Singapore. Camera consists of 260 small parts and was hard to manufacture, but at that time it was smallest “serious” camera.

A110 has Rollei Tessar 1:2.8/23mm lens, silicone photo cell is used for measuring exposure. Camera sets aperture and shutter speed automatically.  Focusing is done by orange slide at bottom of camera.  Despite it’s small scale it made decent 5×7 prints from film.  Weight of camera is 185 grams.

There is also lower end camera E110 which uses CdS photocell and has 3 selectable apertures (2.8, 5.6, and 16), so cheaper version provides more control over exposure.

Price:  For 45$ you can buy both versions here –

And if you don’t mind German, then in German eBay – there are several of these for couple of Euros.

Rollei A110 Gift Set - From

Rolleo A110 gift set –


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