Kodak discontinues all color Positive (Slide) film line

So news today came from kodak.com that they will be drop all color slide film production and current stocks will last for about 9 months.  Of course at first this is sad and tragic news, and I always wanted to try E100VS film. But if we look deeper into this, it’s a good and long overdue decision.

As much as you and I like Kodak there is no denying that since Fuji introduced Velvia it has dominated slide film market.  Provia and Astia just increased the gap, while  Kodak was trying to introduce films to counter  this, like E100VS, it never succeeded anything near Fuji’s films.  Not long before Kodak was keeping a lot of not so successful films, but latest cost cutting measures are making them go.  Sad but true. This will allow them to concentrate on Black and White films and higher end of color negatives, where they are superior.

On bright side Fuji will be able to continue production of it’s color positive films, which were are also rumored to be killed.  Plus there various smaller manufactures of slide film like Rollei with Cr200 and Agfa with Precisa CT. And to calm you worried hearts slide film can still be processed around world,  like sending it to me – Film Developing – or if you live in States then sent it to OldSchoolPhotoLab

Take care fellow filmies.

P.S. bigger article coming along, just need more time.

P.S.S. This is more sad for LOMO kids, as Kodak slides looked much better if Cross Processed. Because most of Fuji slides got oversaturated, and got boring color casts. Like in Velvia 50 (green cast.)


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