Camera of week 11 – Agfa Isola I

For next two weeks i’ll write about two cameras @darko_bojanic sent me. First one will be Agfa Isola I and second one is.. You will see or try to guess if you wish 🙂

Isola is a pretty simple viewfinder camera, it uses 120 film for a 6x6cm frame. Camera was made by Agfa in late 1950’s. This camera has only two available shutter speeds: 1/35th s and Bulb mode. While newer version of Agfa Isola II have added 1/100th s speed. Camera has two aperture values for sunny days f/16 and for cloudy f/11, and third mode with f/11 + yellow filter, for better looking clouds or B/W photos. Isola II on other hand has aperture values of f/11 and f/6.3. Both cameras feature collapsible Agnar 75mm triplet lens. Focusing is done with turn dial and guessing distance to target AKA Zone Focusing. Simple suggestion is that while camera has 3 distance settings which clicks in place:1.5m-2.5m, 2.5m-5m and 5m-infinity, focusing ring itself turns in step-less motion. So if you would like to focus on object that is 2.3m from you, don’t choose 1.5-2.5m setting, but turn dial close to where 2.5m-5m starts. Shutter release button is tread for standard cable release. There is usual double exposrue prvention system in this camera. And there is also small dot on top camera which turn red after exposure is made and after winding to next frame it turns white allowing shutter button to be pressed. This is fun game for my daughter spin film winding knob, push button when spot changes white, then repeat it dozen times.


Price: I wouldn’t expect yhat you should pay over 5-10$ for it. Although some would like to charge 40 on eBay.

Some info from :


Me holding Agfa Isola I


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