Camera of Week 18 – Kodak Sterling II

This week we will look at first Kodak camera on our list – Kodak Sterling II. Sterling II is 620 film foldable camera which takes 6×9 cm exposures, so only 8 exposures per 620 roll. Of course you can re-spool 120 film on 620 spool or modify 120 spool to be able to use it in 620 cameras, so no problem about discontinued 620 film.

As name suggests it was made in England. Camera was made from 1955 till 1959. It is same Kodak Junior II but with better lens and shutter.  Also interestingly there is no Sterling I or plain Sterling, because it’s made from Junior II not regular Junior.

Sterling II has Kodak Anaston105mm / f4.5 lens with minimum focusing distance about 1 meter. Camera has four available shutter speeds  (1/25th , 1/50th, 1/100 and 1/200th of a second) + bulb mode. Additional features are self timer and flash sync.

Price: This camera is very cheap but not very available, i found only two in UK eBay. Both cheaper than 2 dollars, although bidding continues for both and one has a box + manual. Here is listing  –

Info from:

Kodak Sterling II; Picture by AwCam


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