Camera of week 15 – Picny

Today we celebrate our 15th camera with Lilliput camera – Picny.

Picny was a small 127 film camera made by Japanese manufacturer  Miyagawa Seisakusho, and it was distributed by local department store chain like Walmart. Instead of usual 8 4×6.5 cm pictures of regular 127 cameras, Picny takes 16 24x36mm exposures, like 35mm cameras.

It first showed up in 1935 and was manufactured at least until 1940. Similar to Gelto this is copy from Gewirette made by Wirgin.  Picny Anastigmat 40mm f/4.5 is collapsible lens making this camera very compact, available shutter speeds are – T, B, 25, 50, 75, 100. This camera has interesting feature – on left side of top cover there is 20mm filter holder for one filter.

This wasn’t very popular cameras as only little over 1000 cameras where made, and about 4K similar Picny E were made.

Price: Right now there are no Picny’s at any eBay sites. lists that one was sold last year at price of little more than 400$, prices have doubled in less than ten years. So if you find one expect to pay more than this.


Top of Picny camera

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