Camera of week 21 – Microflex

Hi everyone! Sorry was quite busy last week, so there was no camera of week, i’ll try to compensate it by posting more often. So Microflex is 6x6cm TLR made by British comapany Micro Precision Products, it was indtorduced in 1958, it was last Medium Format camera made by MPP. Camera uses Taylor 77.5mm lenses, lens that takes image has maximum aperture of f/3.5 while viewing lens has max. aperture of f/3.2. Shutter speeds range from 1/300th of second to 1 second,  including delayed and bulb mode. Interesting feature of this camera are linked shutter speed and aperture rings, while changing one value, value on other ring is changed for correct exposure. Finder screen has usual features – pop up magnifier, automatic parallax correction and grid. Camera production was canceled some when during 1960, because British governemt removed high import tax on Rolleiflex cameras, making them more affordable. Also lastly when exposed film is removed from camera, new film must be put in before closing back, if back is closed without film inside then next film will have to be rolled until start while holding it in hands.

Prices:  Right now there are no available cameras for sell. IF you write Microflex on eBay you will find Nikon F / F2 microscope attachment and Agfa 8mm movie camera.  As camera was made in low quantiies it’s pretty rare.


Microflex – taken from


2 thoughts on “Camera of week 21 – Microflex

  1. Hi I have a microflex camera for sale roughly how much would it be worth I can see from your write up that its rare and all the lense sizes are the same as your write up.
    *Lens cover present
    *Leather fitted case
    *All levers and buttons work
    *Clean lenses no damage

    Thankyou for your expertise opinion in advance.

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