Camera of Week 19 – Olympus OM2000

This week we will look at late Olympus OM mount camera – OM2000. This is also only of Olympus OM series bodies that wasn’t manufactured by Olympus, but Cosina. Although it still bares “Olympus” name on front. Similarly as Nikon FM-10 is manufactured by Cosina, but sold under Nikon brand name. Camera is compatible with all Olympus lenses and finder accessories, like focusing loupe and etc. But was incompatible with anything else (Finder screens, motor drivers, data backs and etc.) Also Shutter speed dial (very distinctive feature of Olympus OM cameras) was moved from bayonet ring to top of camera , like modern cameras have.

Although it has several shortcomings compared to high-end OM bodies, OM2000 was cheap  camera with mechanical shutter and two available metering modes ( Spot and Center weighted). Fastest available shutter speed 1/2000th of second, flash sync at 1/125th of second. Two new zoom lenses were relased when this camera came out  – 35–70mm f/3.5–4.8 (kit lens of OM2000) and 70–210mm f/4.5–5.6. Lastly, forgot to say that this is manual focus 35mm camera.

Only available color of this camera was anthracite – dark grey.

Price: There were none available at, so I searched eBay.  Only several one were available with cheapest one being at 69 dollars,but seller accepts offers. Although he has already sold one OM2000 i think 69$ is too much for this camera.


Olympus OM2000


Olympus OM2000

Olympus OM2000


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