Camera of Week 22 – Revue 400SE

Revue 400 was introduced in 1978 by Foto-Quelle and probably made by Cosina, but sold under Revue brand. Quelle is a huge German mail order catalog for those who don’t know. Now they are under Otto brand. Revue 400 Se is a small, compact, fixed-lens 35mm camera. From appearance camera resembles Konica Auto S3 or Minolta Hi-Matic cameras. Lens is surprisingly fast for this type of cameras – 40mm f/1.7 lens has six elements and reputation of being very sharp.  There is also cheaper model 400S which has f/2.8 lens.

Price: Right place to buy this is German eBay, because there are almost always about 10 cameras in bidding + some with “Buy it Now”. Apart from UK/US Ebay where only one model drools around for over 100$. One specimen just ended On German eBay for 25.50 euro including mini tripod + flash + leather case.

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