Camera of Week 23 – Yashica Campus

Campus is a small 35mm rangefinder camera made in 1962 by Yashica.  This was very budget model similar to Yashica J, both models are without exposure meter and parallax correction lines. In place of selenium light meter it had plate with “Campus” name on it. Only real change from J model is better shutter, with wider range of shutter speed selection. Available shutter speeds on Campus range from 1s to 1/500th of second, instead of J where range is from 1/25th of sec. to 1/300th of second. Both models also have Bulb mode.

Lens: Yashinon 45mm f2.8 with a 48 mm filter thread. Minimum focusing distance 0.8 m

Price: There are no available Campus models at eBay right now, but Yashica J goes only for couple dollars, so don’t pay much for these. Probably price is same as scrap metal for weight or bricks.


Info from –

Yashica Campus


2 thoughts on “Camera of Week 23 – Yashica Campus

  1. This is a real beauty! Absolutely gorgeous!! Do you have any pictures made by it to show us?

    Thank you ever so much for your kind comment nd all those links, I appreciate that very very much!! Gonna check them all out! =) I appreciate all the yelling we can do to make the film producers to see that film is still wanted!
    Have a great day!

    • Welcome and thank you too, for your “likes” in posts.

      I don’t own this camera, but here are some pics from it –

      But it’s no wonder that Astia was canned, as most pro portrait/ fashion photographers have converted to digital. Also Portra is good alternative (C41 allows bigger exposure errors) for those who still shoot with film. As many Landscape photographers still shoot film, that’s why Provia and Velvia are still alive, at least for some time.

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