Camera of week 24 – Olympus 35 SP

This week we are again looking at small 35mm fixed lens rangefinder – Olympus 35 SP.  As name suggests this camera was made by Olympus from 1969 till 1976.  Although small, these were very high quality RF with great optics.  35SP is unique to other 35mm Rangefinders with it’s dual metering function, featuring both center weighted and spot metering modes.

Camera uses 42mm f/1.7 lens  consisting of 7 elements in 5 groups. It is rumored to be very sharp under all aperture settings. Lens has 49mm filter ring for filters and hoods.

There is also two slightly different looking models but with same functionality- 35 SPn and 35 UC.

Price: You can buy camera in good condition for about 200$ at eBay, maybe less for ones with bidding, but these are still over 100$.


Olympus 35 SP from


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