Camera of Week 26 – Mamiya 16 Automatic

This is first camera from medium format princess Mamiya which i am writing about in “Camera of week”. As you can see from name we won’t be talking about Mamiya 6/7 or RB/RZ67 and not even one of it’s famous TLR’s, but a small 16mm camera. Mamiya 16 Automatic is subminature 16mm camera, camera takes 10×14 exposure on 16mm film. Mamiya 16 Automatic first apered on market in  1959. Viewfinder is collapsible, similar feature to rangefinder lenses. Selenium light meter is used for exposure.  Camera has many nice dials on top of it: aperture value, shutter speed, film type reminder, focus distance shifter and shifter for yellow filter.

Lens is 25mm mamiya-Sekor f/2.8 with minimum aperture of f/16, it consists of 3 individual elements or 3 elements in 3 groups if you like it better that way. With shutter speeds ranging from 1/5 second to 1/200th of second + usual Bulb mode. Minimum focusing distance is about 1ft or about 30cm. Available film speeds range from 10-1600 ISO. Some smaller features are – parallax corrected viewfinder and x-sync socket for flash. Weight is approximately 230 grams.

Most of info from here –

Price: Camera can be had for about $30 or even less, although some try to charge over $300.  There in listing going on eBay for camera + case and still at low price –

Mamiya 16 Automatic by John Nuttall –

Mamiya 16 Automatic by John Nuttall –

Mamiya 16 film canister by John Nuttall –


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