Camera of week 28 – Ricoh XR Solar

Ricoh XR Solar is a 35mm film camera made by Ricoh and introduced in 1994. Rumor is on street that manufacturing of this camera was outsourced to Cosina or that this camera is Cosina E-1 Solar rebrand. Also similar to one of previous “camera of week” this camera also was sold by Photo-Quelle under Revue Solar 100 name. Although camera is quite new for film age and previous model XR-S offered auto-exposure this model unfortunately doesn’t offer it. Mechanical shutter offer top shutter of 1/2000th of second, while flash sync tops out at 1/125th of second. Solar cells are used for small capacitator, with this help camera can determine if exposure is set correctly or if it’s over/under exposure, but not by how much.

Price:  Camera is very rare, so there is no average market price. Right now one camera is listed on eBay for $129.

Info fro here:

Ricoh XR Solar from

Revue Solar 100 from


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