Camera of week 29 – Ricoh FF-3 AF

It looks like i am writing too much about Ricoh, but here goes.

FF-3 AF is a interestingly looking 35mm AF P&S camera. Camera was first available to market in 1982 while in 1984 several improved models showed up (FF-3 AF Super and FF-3D AF Super). D version offering date imprint feature.

Silimary to other Japanese P&S lens is covered by sliding plastic cover and it’s not possible to release shutter unless slider is completely open. FF-3 Sports Rikenon 35mm f/3.2 lens which consists of 5 individual elements. Minimum focusing disatance is one meter or little more than 3 feet, camera has nice indicator if user tries to focus on too close object.  Like all other P&S this uses automatic exposure (uses CdS photocell), available shutter speeds range from 1/8th to 1/500th of second. Viewfinder magnification is 0.46x with usual parallax correction lines. Other notable features are: in-built flash, motorized rewind and film advance, self timer. Camera is powered on 2 standart AA batteries.


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