Camera of week 30 – Linhof Technorama 617S III

Today is 30th camera of week so i pushed “random camera” button a little more so i get something special. This time it’s Linhof Technorama. Linhof  Technorama together with Fuji 617’s are most popular panoramic camera for serious usage, while Lomography panoramic cameras (Horizon, Spinner, Sprocket Rocket) use 35mm this guy uses 120 or 220 medium format film. As name says this camera takes 6×17 exposures or precesily each exposure is about 56×172 mm for 1:3 aspect ratio. Because of large frame size it can only take 4 exposures on 120 film or 8 on 220 film. When changing film type pressure plate doesn’t have to be adjusted/changed like several other medium format cameras.

Camera has 4 available interchangeable lenses all made by Schneider –  XL 5.6/72, XL 5.6/90, 5.6/180 and the Tele-Arton S 5.6/250 mm. For example Fuji GX617 has also 300mm lens available.  Each lens also finder attachments similar to RF’s wide and tele attachments. This is also one of few medium format film cameras that is till being made.

There is also Technorama 612 which as name suggests uses 6×12 cm frames for 1:2 aspect ration.

Price of this camera with one lens it at least 3000$ europeans should expect to pay near 3k euros or close to same amount in british pounds. And both Fuji GX617 an Technorama 612 models aren’t much cheaper. Only cheaper way to get into these great cameras is Fuji G617 with fixed f/8 105mm lens, but still it would cost over 2k dollars.

Here is more additional reading material about Linhof 617S III and Fuji GX617 –

Most info from –

Linhof 617S III from


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