Camera of week 33 – Indra Lux

Indra Lux is plastic camera made which was made at 1949 in  Germany. Indra uses type 127 film and has fixed-focus 60mm/f7.7 lens. It has large tinted viewfinder which tries to simulate look what you will get from B/W films. Interesting feature is two legs at bottom which not only allows  camera to sit straight  but one of them is also tripod socket and second one serves as spare film holder. Indra Lux also featured quite interesting one year warranty against breakage and that is probably why Indra company went down shortly after this camera was released as it was quite breakable. Basically this is toy camera by today’s standards.

Info from –

Price: There are currently no models available on eBay, but lists this for over $200. Although people have bought this as cheap as 25 euro from thrift stores.

Indra Lux from –


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