Camera of Week 34 – Canon TX

Canon TX is amateur level 35mm film SLR which uses famous FD lens mount (Canon lens mount before EOS – EF mount). TX was made in 1975, next year it was “upgraded” to 1976 TLb which was same camera but without flash hot shoe.

Canon TX is striped down version of Canon FTb, TX was made as export camera to America. Some changes from FTb are: use of center-weighted metering instead of TTL averaging meter in FTb, lower minimum shutter speed 1/500th instead of 1/1000 of second and some other things.

TX uses CdS photocell for exposure metering, on good side it provides TTL metering with needle.  What looks like self timer lever is actually stop-down lever  and interestingly this camera doesn’t provide self timer option. Other usual features are there B mode, hot shoe and PC terminals for flash sync.

Price:  Still no bids for body + 50mm f/1.8 lens at $9.99. As stated before this is export camera for US market, so look only in or american thrift stores.

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