Camera of week 36 – Polaroid CU-5

CU-5 is a professional fixed focus studio camera designed for macro and close-up work. Built in lens is Tominon 127mm f/4.7, which can be stopped down to f/45.  Some models also came with 75mm f/4.5 lens.  Available shutter speeds range from 1/125th of second to 1 second + bulb and timed settings.  Other notable features are built-in cable release and PC socket for flash sync. Interestingly it has ring flash around lens, which is very useful for macro photography. CU-5 has removable type 100 film back with built-in darkslide. Extension tubes could be added between lens unit and removable film back.

Control for aperture and shutter speeds are hidden under top cover which first must opened to gain access to controls and cable release. There are also 3 settings on top of camera for various Polaroid films. Also available was dental model for close up photos of teeth.

More info:

Price:  As with most Polaroid cameras these can be had cheap, 20 or so dollars, more in you live in Europe. Of course there are always people who will try to sell this for several hundred, but don’t look at them.

Polaroid CU-5 by Nicholas Middleton

Polaroid CU-5 by Nicholas Middleton

Polaroid CU-5 by Nicholas Middleton


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