Camera of week 38 – Promaster 2500PK Super

This week’s camera is Promaster 2500PK Super. In case you didn’t know (like me) Promaster is american photographic accessory distributor. 2500PK is a manual focus 35 mm camera that uses famous Pentax K mount. Usually sold with either 50 mm f/1.7 or 28-80 mm lens. Available shutter speeds are from 1 second to 1/2000th of second with Bulb mode. Flash sync at 1/125th of second.  Usual level self-timer of that age, delay of 10 seconds. Camera uses center-weighted metering, which is done with silicone photodiode (TTL).  One can choose ISO speeds from 25 to 3200. Viewfinder has 92% coverage, magnification 0.91x. Apart from some low-end models this one features depth of field preview button. Camera is manual focus and has two aid for focusing – Split image and microprism, film winding and rewind is manual. Meter is powered by two  1.5 V SR44 batteries.

More info here –  and


Is very low you can get great bundle with camera, film and other accessories for 20 dollars here –

Or two cameras with 50mm lenses + 2 more lenses for 60$  –

Drew Barrymore with Promaster 2500PK Super –

Promaster 2500PK Super from


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