Camera of Week 39 – Leica C11

According to reviews Leica C11 was one of best pocket zooms for APS system, although APS itself is crap. It’s also only Leica APS camera, as thank god they didn’t made more but stuck to 35mm cameras.

C11 sports 23-70mm 1:4.8-1:9.5 zoom lens, which as you can see is very slow at tele end. Lens coverage is about what would 35-105 lens cover on 35mm camera. AF uses active infra-red system for focusing, exposure metering is center-weighted. ISO rating can be chosen from 25 to 3200. Available shutter speeds are from 1 second to 1/600th of second. Camera also has inbuilt flash, weights 210 grams and takes CR2 battery.

Rating from

Strengths:    Good looks.

Weaknesses:    Poor pics.”

Price: About 20-30 euros in German eBay. Bidding starts from 10 euros. Or $200 at

Info from:


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