Camera of Week 43 – Tower Camflash 127

Tower Camflash is a film camera which takes 4×4 cm exposures on 127 film. It was sold by Sears. This direct copy of  Comet 127 made by United States Camera. Interesting position of flash and it’s reflector gives camera a unique look same as various color choices for camera body. Notable flash also makes an appearance in Tower 39 and Tower 41 which were made by Mamiya for Sears. Camflash has two shooting modes – Color and Black and white. Probably B/W mode has inbuilt yellow filter.

There is also Camflash II, which has squared look, instead of rounded corners of first model. Price is around 10 dollars, but currently there are no available model son eBay

More info:

Tower Camflash 127 from

Camflash 127 from

Blue Camflash 127 from


5 thoughts on “Camera of Week 43 – Tower Camflash 127

  1. Thank you for the nice page on the beloved Camflash. I had one of these as a kid, around 1962 or so. I chose it because it was the only inexpensive camera I could find which gave the user some control over exposure. My dad’s Tower 35mm rangefinder which I was used to using had developed a problem, we weren’t wealthy and I was just desperate to find something more than the lowest form of camera life.

    You see, the B&W/Color setting actually changed the aperture by moving a different iris hole into place at the lens. (There was no yellow filter as was supposed.) When I bought it, I had hoped that there would be some kind of continuous adjustment that I could calibrate. Alas, when I examined the mechanism, I found the simple two-holes approach. I fantasized about replacing the moving piece with something having more hole selections. That never happened but at least it did a better job of exposing color and B&W films properly, as advertised.

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