Camera of Week 44th – Universal Meteor

Universal Meteor is small 620 film type camera. It was made by Universal Camera Corporation and first saw daylight in 1947. Each exposure was 6x6cm similar to early squared format cameras and Hasselblad. When it was advertised at 15$ price. Meter has pull out lens similar to Agfa Isola. Lens focuses from 1.5 meters/ 5 feet till infinity although viewfinder is not coupled with lens,  lens do have distance markings  (only in feet). Camera has Instant (about 1/30th of second) and Bulb modes for shutter speeds, it’s selected on lens. Lens has 4 aperture settings: f/11, f/16, f/22, f/32. Viewfinder is very small for Medium format camera and only cover about 60% of frame. Notable feature of this camera is extinction meter as light metering device for this camera, although it’s very small and hard to read. Extinction meters were one of first type of light meters available for photography. For correct exposure it was used in conjunction with metal plate on top of camera which had 4 available Weston film speeds of that time ISO -25, 50, 100 and 200. Meter doesn’t have back that opens, but loading chamber which open from bottom of camera. Another weird feature of this camera is squared shaped aperture.

Price currently about 10 dollars on eBay, but nobody wants it or knows about it.

More info at:

Very interesting site about this camera  –

Universal Meteor from

Universal Meteor from

Universal Meteor from

Universal Meteor shutter mechanism at work from

Universal Meteor lens aperture at work from


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