Camera of week 45th – Canon Demi S

Canon Demi S is an improved model of Canon Demi. Demi S is a 35mm half-frame shutter priority camera. It was made in Japan by Canon and first introduced at end of 1964.  Demi S sported 30mm/f1.7 lens which was big improvement over regular model which had 28mm/f2.8 lens. Seiko shutter offered speeds from 1/8th of second to 1/500th of second including bulb mode.  Demi S had selenium meter which in more improved models were changed with CdS photo cell. First Demi’s also had blue, white and red color (ladies version). Sadly these were discontinued fast, so they are more expensive. Approximate weight: 380 grams.

Prices varies, but working cameras in good condition should be close to 100$.  Same price for not working, but with colorful leather.

More info:

Canon Demi S from

Canon Demi S from


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