Camera of Week 46th – Komsomolets

Today we have Russian crap camera called Komsomolets in Russian – “Комсомолец”. Komsomolets, which was named after USSR youth organization, is a pseudo-TLR (TLR –  where in place of second lens is simple  uncoupled viewfinder) camera which takes 6x6cm exposures.  Plastic body design was later used in Lubitel camera. This camera was produced by GOMZ (most popular camera by GOMZ is Smena) from 1946 to 1951.

Camera had Triplet-21 80mm f/6.3 lens (in later models T-22 75mm f/6.3 lens) and available shutter speeds of 1/25th, 1/50th, 1/100th of second and Bulb mode (in later version available shutter speeds range from 1/10th to 1/200th of second).

Total cameras made: little over 300,000

Price: Around 80 dollars, there is one without back cover for 20. Probably price are quite low in Post-Soviet countries.

There was also Komsomolets-2 prototype, which never entered production. it was first attempt to build real TRL by Russians. It was fitted with fast T-22 75mm f/4.5 lens.

P.S. This is my 100th post 🙂

Info from:

Komsomolets from

One of late model Komsomolets with leather carrying case


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