Nikon F100 Review

Today we will look at Nikon F100 which is  a step up from previously reviewed F80.

Nikon F100 is a professional level 35mm film SLR camera. It is a scaled down Nikon F5 which was top of the line Nikon camera of late 90’s and earl’y 2000.  F100 was introduced in 1999 as a backup body for pro full time shooters.  F100 later grew into Nikon F6, which you can still buy new today.

As a scaled down F5, it loses some of it’s features or they are in lesser form in F100, but as F100 is 3 years newer than F5 it comes with some added features and reduced weight.



Camera type: 35mm SLR camera

Viewfinder Coverage: 96%

Exposure Compensation: +/- 5 stops in 1/3 of stop steps

Focus Sensitivity Range: EV -1 to 19

Diopter Correction: -3 to +1

ISO range: DX mode 25-5000; Manual mode 6-6400

Available shutter speeds: from 1/8000th of second to 30 second in 1/3 of stop increase. Including Bulb mode in Manual shooting mode.

Flash sync: 1/250th of second

Self-timer: 10 seconds

Film advance: around 4.5 FPS in continues mode (5 FPS with grip). 3 FPS in silent mode

Weight: 785 grams


Compared to Nikon F5:

They both share many of features, like same autofocus module, same top flash sync speed, ability to mount newest Nikon lenes and use VR, and etc.

F100 has smaller viewfinder coverage of 96% versus 100% of F5


  • Much lighter than F5, which weights almost 1.5kg with 8 batteries and film
  • Uses 4x AA batteries instead of 8x on F5, and 2x CR123A on F80 which are hard to find nowadays.
  • Much more easier to see active focus point which turns red when focusing, instead of other cameras where it stays black


  • Doens’t have a mirror-lock up feature
  • Has 10 sensor matrix meter instead of 1005 sensors on F5. Besides F5 is only film camera that meters in Color Matrix metering mode.
  • Has only 30 seconds of maximum slow shutter speed, while F5 can be used up to 30 minutes.


Nikon F100 is probably best Nikon 35mm AF body you can buy today. F5 is more expensive and much heavier, requiring 8 AA cells instead of 4. And F6 is much more expensive. While retaining all the great features of flagship F5, it’s almost half of it’s weight and less than half of it’s price. It fells very balanced and not too heavy or too light.  It doens’t feel too light and plastic like F80, thus wind and mirror slap doesn’t affect it  as much as mentioned F80. While it doesn’t hurt your neck like F5 when you carry it around whole day.

Digital shooters who use D700 can easily accommodated themselves to F100 as all of the crucial buttons are in same place. And it’s very easy to change from one to another. This is probably one of best bang-for-a-buck AF 35mm film cameras out there.

Price:  Around 120 US dollars both in and eBay.


More info at:


Nikon F100 from

Top view of Nikon F100 – from


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