Prints available

Hello dear friends!

We are now offering prints. Hooray!

Sizes and prices:

15×10 cm (6″x4″) – £0.20 / €0.20 /$0.25

15×15 cm (6″x6″) -£0.40 / €0.40 /$0.50

20×15 cm (8″x6″) -£0.50 / €0.50 /$0.65

23×15 cm (9″x6″) -£0.60 / €0.60 /$0.75

13×10 cm (5″x4″) -£0.20 / €0.20 /$0.25

13×13 cm (5″x5″) -£0.35 / €0.35 /$0.45

18×13 cm (7″x5″) -£0.50 / €0.50 /$0.65

15x5cm (6″x2″) – £1.00 / €1.00 /$1.25 – 2 photo strips

We can make prints from films, digital data carriers (CD’s, hard drives, USB flash sticks and etc.) and also uploads to our Dropbox or any photo website.

As you can see we also offer squared prints in two sizes. So all Instagram user can get their pictures printed out,  we can print both from your Instagram profile or from uploaded Instagram files.

We also offer Photo Booth type strips, each stip has 4 pictures by default, but we also can print 2 or 3 pictures per strip. Also note that price is for 2 strips as it’s minimum ammount that can be ordered.

Also available are custom print sizes on buyers request like 6×4.5 or 6×7 for medium format shooters. So all sizes from 6×4.5 to 6×9 can be printed perfectly without white borders or cropping.

Please also notify us of print finishing that you like. We offer – Lustre, Glossy and Matt. By default all prints will be Lustre.

Have a nice day!


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