Camera of Week 17 – Gamma Perla

Today we are going to Italy for next camera of week.  Is 27th May World Pizza Day? Naples think it’s at 7th of September-

Perla is 35mm rangefinder camera manufactured by Italian manufacturer Gamma and made from 1951 till 1957.  Camera has fixed non-interchangeable lens, but various submodels have different lenses, although focal length variations are very small.  Like 45mm f2.8 or 50mm 3.5. But there were also models  Schneider Xenon 50mm f/2.0 but it was made in low quantities. Shutter had spped rnage from 1 second to 1/300th of second with Bulb mode.

Lower end model was called Star which had viewfinder instead of rangefinder.

Price:  Best place to buy these would be Italian eBay – On other eBay sites this camera goes for over 300 dollars. While on Italian site ones with 50 euro/60 dollar price tag still have no bids (Perla II 50mm f2.8 lens).

Also special greeting to my Italian Twitter followers – @Mortonesi and @Filipponatali, and also to @Visionitaliane


Gamma Perla II with 50mm f3.5 lens from

Info from: and


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