Camera of Week 32 – Stereo Mikroma

This will be first camera from soviet controlled Warsaw pact countries and hopefully last. As name suggests this is stereo camera. It is based on Meopta Mikroma, which was made from 1949. Stereo Mikroma saw daylight in 1961, both cameras uses 16mm film. Made in former republic of Czechoslovakia now it would have been made in Czech part. Same country from where Foma films come. This little monster uses 16mm film, two Mirar 25 mm f/3.5 lenses are in charge for materializing image on your film. Distinctive feature of this camera is usage of green leatherette instead of usually black or brown. Camera controls shutter speed automatically with spring tension offering shutter speeds from 1/5 to 1/100 th of second + Bulb mode. Flash sync is done via PC socket. As with many old cameras shutter must be cocked independently from film advance with model II of this camera shutter can be cocked together with film advance.

Stereo-Mikroma with close-up focusing attachment from

Stereo Mikroma with green leatherette from

Stereo Mikroma with green leatherette from

Info from:

Price:  Currently cheast one on eBay is little over $200 with leather case, but has missing cap for one of shuitter buttons. Other listings are close to $400.

6 thoughts on “Camera of Week 32 – Stereo Mikroma

  1. 16mm is readily available…it’s cine film! You can’t respool 110 film or any other film for this camera. You need 16mm motion picture film, and it has to be single perf. Double perf will eat into your image area. You can’t slit 35mm film to put into this camera. You need 16mm perforated film as the camera uses that perf spacing to advance the film and cock the shutter (on the Stereo-Mikroma II model).

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